​Handmade Bohemian-Style Decorative  



Vibrant mugs decorated in a patchwork of pattern and colour. Boxed sets of place mats and coasters to match. Doormats in patterns inspired by Mughai carpets, Moorish tiles and Venetian velvets. 


Accessories and Stationary
Vibrant Gift wrap and cards - a patchwork of patterns collected on Anna's travels to exotic places.  

Lamps and Mirrors

Handmade lamps and mirrors inspired by ottoman palaces, Chinoiserie and antique Japanese obis.

​Printed Wall Art

Wall plaques for both interior and exterior, printed canvases.


Sculpted Wall Art
Moulded wall plaques for both interior and exterior, hand-painted to order. 

Peonies and roses embroidered onto black velvet cushions, a patchwork of recycled silk embroideries hand stitched into delicate cushion covers.​


Prices start from $18.00

* Please note it will be up to a week for delivery, if the product/s not in stock.